What to Expect at Your Final Walk Through!

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You have purchased your first home in the Buffalo or surrounding WNY area. You are so excited when the closing date is finally set!!!This is the day you have been waiting for. At this point your licensed real estate salesperson and attorney want you to do a final walk through of the property.You may be asking why, and when. Generally, this should not want to be scheduled more than 24-48 hours before closing. Up to this point there has been so much going on, the contract, the inspection, financing, getting all of the paperwork together and now you are finally approved to close! This is the final step that you need to take before you go for your closing day for your new home!!

Maybe you are wondering why this step is so important. Well just as an example, what if you agreed that the seller would leave the stove, you go for the final inspection and it is gone, or during the move they broke something? At the final walk through, we are checking to make sure that everything that was agreed to in the contract is still there and has not been damaged. It is never a good idea to skip the final walk through! Besides, why wouldn’t you want to walk through? This is probably one of the largest investments you have made in your life!

The final walk through is also to confirm that the house is in the condition that it was when you put the contract in and that any repairs that were agreed upon in the property inspection addendum have been completed.

Here is a list of things that you will want to check during our final walk through:

All repairs have been made, copies of invoices that seller paid for repairs and warranties on those repairs

There are no major changes on the property since you last viewed it…probably at the home inspection

Run the water

Flush toilets

All items that were included in the sale price, whether appliances, anything that is built in…security system, blinds, curtain rods…

The screens and storm windows

Check to make sure the furnace, hot water tank and central air are still working

No plants or shrubs have been removed

Garage door opener

The other thing that you will want to discuss on that day with your licensed real estate salesperson, is how the keys will be transferred and the garage door openers if applicable. Will your salesperson transfer them to you the day of closing, the attorney or will you need to pick them up at the office…get this set, so you will know how you can gain access to your home after you have signed all of the paperwork.

If there are any problems, immediately contact your attorney that is handling the closing. They are prepared for these issues and will be able to speak with the seller’s attorney and either change the closing date giving the seller time to correct the situation, or have money put in an escrow account until the situation to be rectified after the closing.

If there are no issues that have come up during the final walk through, relax and get ready to enjoy your new home in the Buffalo/WNY area! Congratulations on your purchase!!!

If you have any questions about purchasing a home in Buffalo or the surrounding WNY area, please visit www.buffaloWNYrealty.com or call Kimberly Hunt at 716-832-3300

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Kimberly Hunt, Realtor Partner, a native of the Buffalo area, attended Villa Maria College and majored in Business. She brings a wealth of sales knowledge and experience to the team. She is known for her outstanding attention to detail and dedication to serving her clients' best interests. Kimberly and her husband Eric, are the proud parents of six children and active participants in their church. When Kimberly is not working her real estate career, she enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music and spending time with her family at Walt Disney World.
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